About Newstaxi.com

What is Newstaxi.com?

It is a news collection with links to the latest news articles from different news sources. The latest news are created by the RSS feed from the news media. If you want to read a news story, hust click on the link, and read it at the specific media.

Suggestions for new media?

If you have ideas for news sources that could enrich newstaxi.com, then contact me. But be aware of, that it has to be very good quality and give value to an international audience of Newstaxi.com. So be prepared, that I most likely will reject your suggestion.

Is there a problem showing your medias RSS feed?

I hope that I don’t harm any medias copyright by showing their own RSS feed. Should I do that and do you represent that specific media, then tell me, and I will with no discussion remove your media.

How is Newstaxi made?

The site is made with WordPress and Elementor. If you would like to build a similar site, you can hire me to create it. Please contact me.

Do you have other websites?

Yes, I have a few. Most of them are in Danish:

Ordpress.dk – lav din egen WordPress hjemmeside eller få hjælp – guide to how you make your own website.

Ebogtips.dk – køb e bøger til din kindle – guide about using ebooks

Reader.dk – læseguide med tip til at købe engelske bøger online på nettet på Amazon i Storbritanien – reading guide with a lot of links for readers

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