gives you the absolute overview of the latest headlines and news

Here you find the lates headlines from a selection of international media. If you find an interesting headline, just click it, and you will come to the article at that specific media.

The articles are updated by the different medias RSS-feeds.

This site is made with WordPress: See may danish guide here: Hvordan laver jeg hjemmeside, website eller blog i WordPress – se dansk gratis guide and the same one in swedish: Svensk guide – hur skapar man en hemsida eller webbplats eller blogg med WordPress.

Another example on a website I have made with WordPress is a Danish housing guide. Popular pages are here this Danish one: Gratis standard lejekontrakt skabelon A9  and this Norwegian one: Gratis enkel standard husleiekontrakt

A third example is my little webshop with t-shirts with hashtag prints: – student 2020 – t-shirts med print


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